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2022-12-15 20:11

Why is there no content?

This website started out more than 20 years ago as the home of a free virtual postcard platform called "White Zombiefish Postcards" (the name goes back even further). A short history of that beginning can still be found in the wayback machine of, but the postcard pictures are long gone. 

When spammers started sweeping the internet, maintaining such a free virtual postcard site just for fun quickly became out of the question and this site morphed into a domain parking-only site for many years.

A kind of resurrection happened a decade later, with a blog about minimalism, inspired by and mainly consisting of uncopyrighted  text from Leo Babauta's blog Zen Habits, translated into German.

Another Palingenesis started around 2016, still as some sort of minimalistic blog or rather a small collection of aphorisms the creator of this website deemed worthy at the time.

But during all the years, also was a platform for technical experiments, first with the self-created code for the postcards, later with the blog software (Wordpress being one of them) and now with a content management system webEdition. And while the zombiefish might be hibernating again content-wise right now, there might always be some changes going on behind the curtain.

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